Thursday, July 06, 2006


It's the incompetence, stupid. Washington Post (07.06.06), via Huffington:
"From deteriorating security in Afghanistan and Somalia to mayhem in the Middle East, confrontation with Iran and eroding relations with Russia, the White House suddenly sees crisis in every direction." A Driven President Faces a World of Crises
"'North Korea is firing missiles. Iran is going nuclear. Somalia is controlled by radical Islamists. Iraq isn't getting better, and Afghanistan is getting worse,' said William Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard and a leading conservative commentator. 'I give the president a lot of credit for hanging tough on Iraq. But I am worried that it has made them too passive in confronting the other threats.'" Too passive? What the hell? Each problem old Bill enumerates above arose or was exacerbated by the abject incompetence of this Administration. Oh, and thanks in advance, George. Richard N. Haass, "a former senior Bush administration official who heads the Council on Foreign Relations": "'The danger is that Mr. Bush will hand over a White House to a successor that will face a far messier world, with far fewer resources left to cope with it.'"


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