Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ethically Challenged And Loving It

LATimes (08.30.06):
"The Bush administration's troubled outreach efforts to the Middle East and other areas of the world were dealt more bad news Tuesday with new allegations of impropriety by the man who oversees the federal government's broadcasts to foreign countries. Kenneth Y. Tomlinson, a Bush appointee who chairs the Broadcasting Board of Governors, directed staff to do personal work and used government resources for his private racehorse operation, a new report by the State Department's inspector general indicates." Foreign Broadcasts' Chief Accused of Impropriety
"Forced to resign last year as head of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting amid revelations of impropriety, Tomlinson also doubled-billed the Broadcasting Board of Governors for working some of the same days as at the CPB, according to the report, a summary of which was obtained by The Times." Ken "refuted the allegations in a statement released late Tuesday." He said he was "'very proud of what [he has] accomplished for U.S. international broadcasting.'" Ken is a "former editor of Reader's Digest and friend of Bush political strategist Karl Rove." Well then. Color us surprised. This is funny. "The horses, according to track records, include Karzai, as in Hamid Karzai, and Massoud, from the late Ahmed Shah Massoud, references to Afghan leaders who have fought against the Taliban and the Russians, as well as Panjshair, the valley that was the base used by forces to overthrow the Taliban." In addition to owning at least three racehorses, Ken has been combatting liberal influence for a while now. This is a man who knows how to get a little on the side, too. Wetting his beak, so to speak.


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