Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Reexplanation

Got to give her credit. She sure can weasel, eh? Orlando Sentinel (08.26.06):
"U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris sought Saturday to smother a campaign brushfire stoked by an earlier claim that failure to elect Christians to public office would allow lawmakers to 'legislate sin.' Harris, appearing at a gun show in Orlando, said she did not mean to offend non-Christians in her comments to the Florida Baptist Witness last week." Harris tries to douse furor over remarks to Baptists
According to a statement released by what's left of her campaign organization, she says what she was actually doing was "addressing 'a common misperception that people of faith should not be actively involved in government.'" On the other hand, what she really said was that God "'chooses our rulers,' that voters needed to send Christians to political office and that God did not intend for the United States to be a 'nation of secular laws.'" She also said that if "'you are not electing Christians, tried and true, under public scrutiny and pressure, if you're not electing Christians, then in essence you are going to legislate sin.'" She also said that if "'we are the ones not actively involved in electing those godly men and women," then "we're going to have a nation of secular laws. That's not what our founding fathers intended and that's [sic] certainly isn't what God intended.'" Yesterday, Katherine said it broke her heart "if people were upset with her interview." This woman will say anything to anyone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, wasn't this country started by a bunch of people trying to get away from this crap?

6:59 AM  
Blogger knobboy said...

I think partly that, and partly by folks who were too nutty to put up with back home. As in the religious crazies. Loaded 'em on a boat and shipped 'em over here.

It's that good old First Amendment. Freedom of speech and what not. Tolerate the intolerant, even though you just know that if folks like Harris took over, the first thing they'd do is ram their beliefs down your throat.

Sure can be a tough call sometimes, can't it?

7:46 AM  

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