Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Watch for the celebrations to begin. The poverty rate didn't go up. AP (08.22.06):
"The nation's poverty rate was essentially unchanged last year, the first year it hasn't increased since before President Bush took office. The Census Bureau reported Tuesday that 37 million Americans were living under the poverty line last year — about 12.6 percent of the population. That's down from 12.7 percent in 2004, but census officials said the change was statistically insignificant." U.S. Poverty Rate Unchanged Last Year
"However, the number of people without health insurance increased to 46.6 million in 2005. About 45.3 million people were without insurance the year before." "The last decline in the poverty rate was in 2000, during the Clinton administration, when it dropped to 11.3 percent." That goddamn Clinton. He's responsible for everything.


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