Tuesday, October 10, 2006

0 Fer 3

Goddamn morons. Washington Post (10.10.06):
"Nearly five years after President Bush introduced the concept of an 'axis of evil' comprising Iraq, Iran and North Korea, the administration has reached a crisis point with each nation: North Korea has claimed it conducted its first nuclear test, Iran refuses to halt its uranium-enrichment program, and Iraq appears to be tipping into a civil war 3 1/2 years after the U.S.-led invasion. Each problem appears to feed on the others, making the stakes higher and requiring Bush and his advisers to make difficult calculations, analysts and U.S. officials said." Bush's 'Axis of Evil' Comes Back to Haunt United States
"The deteriorating situation in Iraq has undermined U.S. diplomatic credibility and limited the administration's military options, making rogue countries increasingly confident that they can act without serious consequences." This is what happens when you get chumps at the table. Especially if they're arrogant loud-mouthed punks. They get played like little tin horns, and lose pretty much everything they sat down with. And they can never quite figure out why it keeps happening. "Iran, meanwhile, will be watching closely the diplomatic fallout from North Korea's apparent test as a clue to how far it might go with its own nuclear program."


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