Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Are We Pissed Or What?

If it wasn't for bad news, wouldn't have no news at all. WSJ (10.18.06), via War and Piece:
"Public support for Republicans' control of the U.S. Congress has eroded to its lowest point since the party took over 12 years ago. And with just 19 days until the midterm elections, both President George W. Bush and his party are in worse shape with voters than Democrats were in the October before they lost their House and Senate majorities in 1994." Voters' Approval of Congress Falls To 16%, Lowest Point in 12 Years
"A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll shows that voters' approval of Congress has fallen to 16% from 20% since early September, while disapproval has risen to 75% from 65%. That 16% approval statistically matches Congress's lowest point in the 17 years the Journal and NBC have polled, set in April 1992 at the height of a congressional scandal involving members' overdrafts from their House bank." 16% approval? Did we read that right? "By 52% to 37%, voters say they want Democrats rather than Republicans to control Congress after the Nov. 7 election. That wide 15-point Democratic advantage is another record in the history of the Journal/NBC poll. Also, the result marks the first time that voters' preference for one party has exceeded 50%." "The latest results set other records, also to Republicans' disadvantage: Fully two-thirds of the electorate rates this year's Congress 'below average' or 'one of the worst' -- the poorest showing on that question since it was first asked in 1990." "As for the Republican Party, 32% of voters rate it positively and 49% negatively -- the highest negative ever for either party in the surveys." And that ain't all, folks. "Mr. Bush's job-approval rating, which had crept up to 42% in early September, has fallen back to 38%. A 57% majority disapproves of his performance."


Blogger Scrubs & Shines said...

I think thats good news, at least for me up here in cold Canada, George Bush is no good for your country and the conservatives are destroying what makes America great, That war in Iraq, your goverment was told time and time, again & again & again & again & again and again, dont invade Iraq, but what does Bush do...(dumb-ass hick) Anyways we are pulling for America up here, We love your Democrats mostly, They will be whats best for the country, Most of all we are saddened by the decay of American values and dreams... We are hoping you'll change your hateful, hostile ways

11:41 PM  
Blogger knobboy said...

First, a hell of a lot of us didn't vote for that fucktard.

Second, most us aren't hateful or hostile. Too many, unfortunately, are uninformed or just plain stupid. Might be a few Canucks fitting that bill too, eh!

We'll get the bastard this time around though.

George's last two years in office are going to be pure hell for him.

1:11 PM  

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