Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Don't Call Us!

NYTimes (10.25.06), via AmericaBlog:
"President Bush cannot show up just anywhere in the waning days of this midterm campaign. But there is a certain class of Republicans who are somewhere between eager and willing to have him at their sides." Bush Finding Welcome Mats as G.O.P. Looks for an Edge
If you're really hard up, he's your guy. "There are those facing ethical questions or struggling to recover from gaffes. There are those desperate for the cash Mr. Bush can bring in just by showing up for lunch. There are those who need the president to turn out a demoralized base. And there are those who, like Vern Buchanan, the Republican candidate for the House here, are a little bit of all three." And if you're not? "One Republican strategist close to the White House, granted anonymity to speak candidly about campaign strategy, said some Republicans — among them Senate candidates in tight races in Missouri, Montana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee — simply do not want their final campaign images to include Mr. Bush, and have spurned White House offers for help."


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