Friday, October 20, 2006

Glandular Thinking

No connection too tenuous. Especially if you're losing. Independent (10.20.06):
"In Ohio, the Republican candidate for governor, Kenneth Blackwell, went on a tear against his Democratic challenger, Ted Strickland, in their concluding televised debate this week, accusing him of cosying up to an eccentric group called the North American Man Boy Love Association, or Nambla, and associating himself with a man convicted of exposing himself to young children. The attack almost certainly had more to do with Mr Strickland's double-digit lead in the polls than with any real substance. The convicted man, for example, was one of hundreds of campaign workers, not a close confidant of Mr Strickland's." Republicans say top Democrats support 'group of gay paedophiles'
As near as anyone can tell, Blackwell's charge is based on "a congressional vote on which Mr Strickland abstained". Republican House member John Doolittle "has argued that since his opponent, Charlie Brown, is a member of the American Civil Liberties Union, and since the ACLU has in the past defended Nambla's free-speech rights, he is tainted by association." Really? The article goes on to note that Doolittle neglects to tell us "that he once acted as a character witness for a friend convicted of sexually assaulting six of his patients." Then again, you have to cut John a little slack, what with all the distractions he's been having with the Abramoff probe. Pat Buchanan went after Nancy Pelosi, telling "a television interviewer this week that Ms Pelosi had been on gay pride parades where Nambla members were also present and had thus been 'marching with paedophiles'." She also lives in San Francisco, and we all know what that means, right? The Independent snarks it up. "The line of attack is remarkably brazen, given that the Republican Party is itself being rocked by a man-boy sex scandal." And a second one on the way. "Nowhere has the tone gone lower than in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where a Republican candidate called Vernon Robinson has accused his opponent, incumbent congressman Brad Miller, of wanting to import homosexuals [ed. - WTF?] to the United States and spending tax-payer dollars on filthy scientific studies on sex." Scientific studies on sex? Ewwww! Icky! "All this opprobrium stemmed from a single vote by Mr Miller on appropriations for the National Institutes of Health." And it gets better. "In a campaign mailer, the unabashedly homophobic Mr Robinson even sought to drop hints questioning his adversary's sexuality, referring to him pointedly as 'childless'. Mr Miller has since pointed out that the reason he is childless is that his wife had a hysterectomy 20 years ago." Yeah well it was a gay hysterectomy, and NAMBLA paid for it. So there.


Blogger schpatz said...

This is, hand down, hi-f**king-larious.

Do you think that their campaign strategist wince when hearing this stuff, right after saying "try not to sound too desperate"?

10:34 AM  
Blogger knobboy said...

That or they stopped wincing a while ago. It's like when ya got nothing, ya got nothing to lose. Might as well give it a shot.

7:07 AM  

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