Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Voter Fraud - The Myth, The Man, The Reality

Karl's full of shit with this nonsense. There isn't any substantive voter fraud in this country. Washington Post (05.16.07), via ThinkProgress:
"With the home office in Washington breathing down their necks, why did these experienced prosecutors fail to bring voter fraud indictments? The crime, after all, had become a major Justice Department concern.

Starting in 2002, Justice required every U.S. attorney to designate a district election officer, whose job it would be to end this epidemic of electoral fraud. These officers' attendance was required at annual training seminars, where they were taught how to investigate, prosecute and convict fraudulent voters. The statutes were adequate; the investigators were primed, well funded and raring to go."

The Cost of a GOP Myth

"And nothing happened. For the simple reason that when it comes to voter fraud in America, there's no there there. Voter fraud is a myth -- not an urban or rural myth, as such, but a Republican one."

"(B)etween October 2002 and September 2005, just 38 cases were brought nationally, and of those, 14 ended in dismissals or acquittals, 11 in guilty pleas, and 13 in convictions. Though a Justice Department manual on election crime states that these cases "may present an easier means of obtaining convictions than do other forms of public corruption," federal attorneys have failed to rack up those convictions, for the simple reason that incidents of fraud have been few and far between."

Go look at the study.

What's Karl's big deal with voter fraud? Hell, that's easy. It's a big part of a calculated effort to suppress minority (and hence Democratic) voting. Pernicious and dastardly, but not exactly rocket science.

They've been at it quite a while, too.



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