Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mother's Little Helper

Fifty years ago, folks in Tulsa buried a '57 Plymouth Belvedere in a concrete time capsule, along with some other stuff. They dug it up earlier this week. The capsule leaked so the car didn't fare well. But what was much more interesting was what they buried with it. AP (06.16.07):
"Buried with the car were 10 gallons of gasoline — in case internal combustion engines became obsolete by 2007 — a case of beer, and the contents of a typical woman's handbag placed in the glove compartment: 14 bobby pins, a bottle of tranquilizers, a lipstick, a pack of gum, tissues, a pack of cigarettes, matches and $2.43."

1957 Plymouth Unearthed in Oklahoma

So a "typical" woman in 1957 Oklahoma carried around a bottle of tranquilizers?

Beer, pills and smokes. Man did them guys know how to drive or what?

A '57 Belvedere



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