Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lions And Tigers And Bears

Oh my. AP (07.17.07):
"Residents of Australia's largest city are being urged to create survival bags to prepare for terrorist attacks and other emergencies under a campaign launched by city council Tuesday.

The 'Go Bags,' featured in the new terrorism awareness campaign, would include maps, a radio, a first aid kit, an extra set of keys, some spare change and important documents."

Sydney Urges Residents to Make 'Go Bags'

GoBags? They're calling 'em GoBags. Believe it or not, a bit of scorn and derision has followed. The Guardian (07.17.07):
"The city's deputy mayor Chris Hill also mocked the A$200,000 (£85,400) campaign, suggesting Go Bags should contain sunglasses, inflatable waterwings, a Sydney good food guide and a one-way ticket to Barcelona."

Sydney officials ridiculed for emergency 'Go Bag' advice

Oh and by the way, they forgot the duct tape.



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