Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Sound Of His Own Voice

George doesn't seem to care much for listening. Washington Post (07.24.07):
"The entrepreneur who hosted President Bush last week for a roundtable discussion on health care and small business said yesterday that he could barely get a word in as Bush opined on children's health insurance and other health topics.

If he had, Clifton Broumand would have told the president he disagreed with him on most of it, he said.

Business Owner Welcomes Bush, But Not His Ideas on Health Care

"'He answered his own questions,' said Broumand, who gave Bush a tour of Man & Machine Inc., the Landover-based medical computer accessory company he founded 25 years ago. 'I thought the whole concept was to ask us, so I was a little bit frustrated. I would have liked the opportunity to give him my viewpoint, rather than him knowing the answer.'"

"Bush used the occasion -- a discussion with three small-business owners -- to denounce efforts in Congress to expand the popular State Children's Health Insurance Program by $35 billion or more over the next five years."



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