Wednesday, October 24, 2007

California, Here I Come!

Bad? Oh my. It's so bad only 53% of Republicans approve. AP (10.24.07):
"Former President Richard Nixon still holds the lowest approval rating of any president in California in the era of modern polling, but President Bush is setting his own record: the longest streak of abysmal approval ratings ever registered in the state.

A Field Poll released Wednesday bears out the trend: Bush is now at 27 percent approval among California voters, meaning he's hovered in the high-20s or low-30s for nearly two years."

Bush sets record with longest streak of low ratings in state

The Trickster holds the record for the lowest ever recorded at 24%. However, "'Nixon was only at that number for a very short time before he resigned,' [Field Poll director Mark] DiCamillo said. 'Here we have a president who continues in office for years having this kind of rating.'"

On the other hand, Californians really like Arnold.



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