Sunday, January 06, 2008

Fair And Balanced Business

Not much interest, right off the bat. The Guardian (01.06.07):
"Rupert Murdoch's attempt to bring Wall Street to main street on a new American business television network is proving a switch-off for viewers, with only a few thousand people bothering to tune in.

The Fox Business Network is attracting an average of just 6,000 daytime viewers according to figures compiled by Nielsen Media Research and leaked by sources in the media industry."

Murdoch's US business channel gets off to a miserable start

To contrast, the competition (CNBC) had 283,000 daytime viewers.

"Fox's executive vice president, Kevin Magee, told the Washington Post that the figures were 'absolutely no surprise'."

"'This is the way you build a network,' he said. 'You get on the air, build your shows and hope the audience finds you.'"

And hope and hope.

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