Monday, January 14, 2008

Mayhem In Minnesota

Guy ordered the explosives through the mail? AP (01.13.08):
"Workers at the Prairie Island nuclear plant were put on high alert temporarily on Sunday after a man blew up a dump truck about a mile away, authorities said.

Nearby Blast Puts Nuclear Plant On High Alert

"According to Goodhue County Sheriff Dean Albers, a Welch Township man used explosives he had ordered through the mail to blow up the truck on his property. 'It was quite an explosion,' Albers said."

UPDATE: A commenter sets us straight. Here's a better article. Here's where you can order some Tannerite.

Like the man says, they aren't responsible for acts of stupidity, and don't try to take it on an airplane.

Man, it sure do blow up good.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "explosive" in question is shipped as two separate chemicals. It is perfectly safe in this form, and can be legally transported. When mixed, the compound (called Tannerite, named after the guy who patented it) is still really stable, and can only be detonated if struck by an object traveling at 2000 feet per second or faster (like a bullet - the size doesn't matter - a .17HMR round would set it off the same as a .50 cal). The explosions are concussive, not incendiary, so there's no flash or fire, just a "boom." It is shipped in half-pound charges, so for this jackass to make a 100-lb charge, he had to order 200 targets to put them together. That's a level of commitment to idiocy I just can't fathom. I've been shooting at the half-pounders for a year now, it's a lot of fun. But this guy probably just number my days of doing that.

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