Saturday, August 06, 2005

My Goodness!!

An American political party playing politics? Oh come now. NYTimes (08.06.05):
"The Republican national chairman accused Democrats and the 'far left' Friday of playing 'a political game' with the Supreme Court nomination of Judge John G. Roberts Jr., suggesting that they had turned the confirmation battle into something resembling an election campaign and were using it to help in fund-raising." G.O.P. Chief Says Democrats Play Politics on Court Nominee
We are absolutely shocked. Dumfounded. Amazed. Someone should really do something about this. The Republican national chairman, is Ken Mehlman. Ken noted that the nomination and confirmation of Ruth Bader Ginsburg "'was orderly and dignified nevertheless, thanks to Republicans who understood that she was fair-minded and qualified.'" Not that we've ever heard of any disorderly or undignified Republicans mind you. Always so high-minded, altruistic and selfless, especially when it comes to fund-raising. Intelligently designed, you might say.


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