Wednesday, June 21, 2006

And A Big Middle Finger To You All

From the GOP, with love. AP (06.21.06):
"The Republican-controlled Senate smothered a proposed election-year increase in the minimum wage Wednesday, rejecting Democratic claims that it was past time to boost the $5.15 hourly pay floor that has been in effect for nearly a decade. The 52-46 vote was eight short of the 60 needed for approval and came one day after House Republican leaders made clear they do not intend to allow a vote on the issue, fearing it might pass." Senate Rejects Bid to Raise Minimum Wage
The House leadership "With the help of a few rebellious Republicans, House Democrats on the House Appropriations Committee succeeded in attaching a minimum wage increase last week to legislation providing funding for federal social programs." "Fearing that the House would pass the measure with the increase intact, the GOP leadership swiftly decided to sidetrack the entire bill."


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