Tuesday, June 27, 2006


As in consistently wrong. And over a forty-year period to boot. Daniel Gross (06.27.06) (link in original):
"Did GM underestimate how much its employees value their jobs? Apparently, yes. Some 47,600 unionized workers at GM and Delphi accepted buy-out offers, more than the companies expected, and more than the companies had targeted. Which leads to the conclusion that GM could have achieved its desired goal of reducing the workforce dramatically by offering less generous buyouts." General Exodus
"Once again, GM has misjudged prices in the markets in which it competes." Maybe some companies just deserve to go out of business. Reuters (06.27.06):
"General Motors Corp. on Tuesday said that overall 2006 U.S. auto sales were likely to come in below the 2005 total because of higher interest rates and gasoline prices." GM says overall auto sales weaker than projected
Which translates into nobody wants to buy its cars.


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