Thursday, July 27, 2006

Out Of Control - Again

Can these fucks do anything right? Washington Post (07.27.06):
"The latest crisis in the Middle East has disrupted President Bush's plans domestically and internationally at a sensitive juncture, reopening divisions with allies abroad and jeopardizing attempts to restore public confidence at home, according to officials, analysts and diplomats. The discord at a conference in Rome yesterday over a proposed cease-fire in Israel and Lebanon underscored the widening gap between the United States and Europe over how to stop the fighting. And the images of mayhem from the two-week-old war, combined with the rising death toll in Iraq, have further rattled a domestic audience that polls show was already uncertain about Bush's leadership." Overseas Tensions Force Bush to Change Direction
"For the president, the timing could not be much worse. In a second term marked by one setback after another, the White House was in the midst of a rebuilding effort aimed at a political comeback before November's critical midterm elections." Ain't happening. "Now the president faces the challenge of responding to events that seem to be spinning out of control again, all but sidelining his domestic agenda for the moment and complicating his effort to rally the world to stop nuclear programs in Iran and North Korea." The article leaves Daniel Gross a bit puzzled (07.27.06):
"Rebuilding effort? Political comeback? Positive agenda? It makes you wonder whether Baker has spent any time in Washington in the last several months." "Prior to the escalation of war [in Lebanon], Bush's only domestic achievements were: crowing about the fact that the huge deficit didn't meet the massive projections his administration had earlier put put and vetoing a popular stem cell measure. Oh, and there was the whole gay marriage thing. And the flag thing." Comeback Kid
Don't forget Iraq. Or Somalia. Or Katrina. Or every other goddamned thing these assholes have touched.


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