Friday, July 07, 2006

Poker With The President

Folks with this kind of patience are easy marks. AP (07.07.06):
"President Bush expressed frustration Friday with the slow pace of diplomacy in dealing with North Korea and Iran and prodded world leaders to send an unmistakable message condemning Pyongyang's long-range missile test." Bush Expresses Frustration With Diplomacy
Diplomacy, according to George, is "'kind of painful in a way for some to watch, because it takes a while to get people on the same page.'" Being the internationalist that he is, he continued: "'Not everybody thinks the exact same way we think. Different words mean different things to different people. And the diplomatic processes can be slow and cumbersome.'" Oh and he also said the war in Vietnam Iraq was "'a noble and just cause' and said the United States would not leave before winning. 'We will lose if we leave too early," the president said." He didn't say anything about dominos.


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