Friday, July 28, 2006

Putting On The Brakes

AP (07.28.06):
"The economy's growth slowed sharply in the second quarter, logging just a 2.5 percent pace as consumers tightened their belts and spending on home building suffered its deepest cut in nearly six years. The latest snapshot of gross domestic product released by the Commerce Department on Friday showed that the overall pace of economic activity in the April-to-June quarter was about half that of the January-to-March quarter, when the economy zipped along at a 5.6 percent annual rate, the fastest in 2 1/2 years." Economy Slows Sharply, Inflation Heats Up
"The second-quarter's performance — which reflected the bite of high energy prices and rising interest rates on people and businesses as well as a cooling in the once red-hot housing market — was weaker than the 3 percent pace analysts were forecasting." "Inflation, however, shot up."


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