Thursday, August 17, 2006

Foobars R Us

Jesus. These guys can't get anything right. Excruciatingly stupid blundering, in Pakistan now. McClatchy (08.16.06):
"A U.S.-backed plan to defeat Islamist militants in Pakistan's autonomous tribal areas has backfired badly, and the Bush administration is working with Pakistan to come up with a new strategy to defuse the insurrection. Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf 'sees that what he was doing wasn't working,' said one U.S. official who's familiar with the new plan. 'He really has a mess.'" White House backing new plan to defuse insurrection in Pakistan
Oh and our "U.S. official who's familiar with the new plan"? "(L)ike others familiar with the plan, spoke only if granted anonymity." "Pakistan deployed 80,000 troops in the areas, which border Afghanistan, at Washington's behest to hunt down bin Laden and his sympathizers and secure Pakistan's side of the border. The Bush administration reportedly has spent nearly $1 billion since 2003 to underwrite the Pakistan army's operations." "But the army's use of artillery and helicopter gunships - as well as U.S. airstrikes on suspected al-Qaida hideouts - has killed numerous civilians and stoked popular ire."


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