Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hearts And Minds

That didn't take long, did it. Note to George: this is how you do it. AP (08.16.06):
"Hundreds of people shifted from room to room in a makeshift registration center at a high school here Wednesday to report damage to their homes from Israel's bombing attacks. Hezbollah agents with pens and notebooks promised to help them rebuild. Hours after a cease-fire went into effect Monday, the leader of the Shiite Muslim group, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, appeared on television and promised to help Lebanese rebuild, pledging money for civilians to pay rent and buy furniture." Hezbollah Promises to Rebuild in Lebanon
Only a matter of hours after the cease-fire went into effect, guy was on TV. "Nasrallah said 15,000 housing units were hit during the war, and his group's bid to play a central role in reconstruction could further boost its standing after it declared victory over Israel." Could boost? Give us a break! It will be huge. Absolutely huge. They were all set up and ready to go. "Salim Kenaan entered a room at Haret Hreik Public High School and looked at signs on the wall. The one on the left read 'Damaged' and the one on the right read 'Destroyed.' He gave his name, address and telephone number to the man sitting under the sign on the right." You do this too. "Hundreds of workers were in the streets of Dahiyeh on Wednesday, clearing streets and removing rubble." And this. It's called security. "Some areas were completely closed by Hezbollah members for fear of theft and only residents were allowed to enter after getting special passes." And the funding? Hell, that'll come from Iran. All the money they need, they'll get. The US? We'll be left holding the shitsack. Again.


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