Thursday, August 31, 2006

Leninists Like Linux

Technically, they're Marxists, not Leninists, but what the hell? AP (08.31.06):
"A southern Indian state plans to switch all school computers from Microsoft Windows to the free Linux operating system, an official said Thursday. The changeover on computers used in some 12,500 high schools in the state of Kerala is set for Friday, and teachers are being trained on the new software, said the state's education minister, M.A. Baby." India State to Dump Windows for Linux
"The state is ruled by communist politicians and its top elected official, Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan, has long been a supporter of free software, railing against the dominance of Microsoft's Windows when he was a state legislator." Given Kerala's population, this would be tantamount to the voters of California electing a Communist government. Though it wouldn't be that hard to find a Winger to claim that's already the case. We didn't realize just how popular the Communist Party is in India. Not only have they been elected to run the state of Kerala, but West Bengal and Tripura as well. It's that damned democracy stuff. Folks just go off and vote any which way.


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