Friday, August 11, 2006

Politics Über Alles

All politics; no policy. Policy is just too hard. Washington Post (08.11.06):
"Oh my goodness, as Don Rumsfeld might say. Support for the Iraq war hits a record low, and all the president's hit men decide that it's time to smear their opponents as defeatists who give aid and comfort to the enemy. Of course they didn't mention the poll on Iraq released by CNN on Wednesday. As a basis for their guilt-by-association campaign, they used the fact that Democratic voters in Tuesday's Connecticut primary favored antiwar businessman Ned Lamont over Sen. Joe Lieberman." Who's Guilty of 'Petty Partisanship'?
"The gentlemen who have gotten us into a mess in Iraq prefer not to explain how they'll fix things." "They would rather use national security for partisan purposes, and they were all out there on Wednesday, spewing incendiary talking points. Hey, they may not have sent enough troops to win a war, but they sure know how to win midterm elections." It's all they know how to do.


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