Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Bit Of Mistrust

This does not bode well for George and Karl. NYTimes (09.12.06):
"Leaving services Sunday morning at Faith Bible Chapel, an evangelical megachurch, Jim McBride, a pilot who served in Vietnam, said he was not happy with President Bush’s handling of Iraq. And he displayed little inclination to rethink his position despite the White House’s new push to focus this year’s Congressional elections on which party will keep the nation safer." In Unpredictable District, Some Say Bush Is Politicizing Terrorism
"'I do have a bit of mistrust,' said Mr. McBride, who said that he twice voted for Mr. Bush but that he is now disappointed — a sentiment he said is shared by many in his Bible study group. 'The whole thing about W.M.D. and that Iraq is somehow tied to 9/11, I just don’t believe it.'" "I have been a Republican all my life, but we have just gotten to the point where we may need a change,' said Shannon Abote, an Arvada resident who was stopping at Starbucks for a coffee on Monday morning."


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