Friday, September 22, 2006

Fair And Balanced

All in a day's work at Fox News. "In the television industry (especially in North America), lower thirds refer to graphics that take up the lower area of the screen, though not necessarily the entire lower third portion of the screen as the name suggests." MediaBistro (09.22.06), via FirstDraft:
"When he called President Bush the devil earlier this week, Hugo Chavez was practically begging for press coverage -- and it worked. An e-mailer mentioned Fox News Channel's 'wall-to-wall bashing of Hugo Chavez' Thursday afternoon, so I typed his name into a TVEyes search of FNC's programming. Sure enough, the Venezuelan president's name was mentioned hundreds of times. (FNC mentioned Chavez about twice as many times as CNN.)" Fox's Full Day Of "Fair & Balanced" Questions About Chavez & The U.N.
Brian found these lower thirds from Fox yesterday:
  • > 7:16pm: "Pres Chavez: Narcissistic personality disorder?"
  • > 10:54am: "How dare Hugo Chavez blast the United States?"
  • > 11:02am: "Should we stop buying Chavez's gas from Citgo stations?"
  • > 11:59am: "Chavez insults U.S.: Where is the outrage?"
  • > 12:29pm: "Should U.S. continue to fund U.N. after applause for Chavez?"
  • > 12:54pm: "Will leaders pay the price for supporting Chavez?"
  • > 1:26pm: "Is President Chavez becoming a threat to U.S. national security?"
  • > 4:06pm: "Taking cheap oil from Hugo Chavez: Act of treason?"
  • > 5:34pm: "NY audience gives Chavez standing ovation... Why?"
Interesting. Kind of reminds us of the news from North Korea.


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