Sunday, September 24, 2006

Mogadishu These Days

Interesting. So far, so good, eh? AP (09.24.06):
"It is hard to imagine that this is Mogadishu, the same Mogadishu of 'Black Hawk Down,' clan against clan, and 15 years of unrelenting anarchy. But over the past three months, the Islamists in control of the city have defied international expectations -- in many ways. Not only have they done the unthinkable, pacifying one of the most dangerous cities in the world, they also seem to have moderated their message. Instead of acting like the Taliban and ruthlessly imposing a harsh religious orthodoxy, as many feared, the Islamists seem to be trying to increase public support by softening their views, at least officially, delivering social services and pushing for democratic elections." Islamists in Somalia defy predictions of Taliban state / They control capital without harsh measures
"Islamic leaders are operating almost in campaign mode, organizing street cleanups, visiting hospitals, overseeing a mini building boom and recruiting elderly policemen to don faded uniforms they have not worn for years and return to work." "'Anarchy is bad, man,' said Adam Daley, a Somali American businessman living in Mogadishu. 'Can you imagine New York City without any police? Or light?'" Now, about Baghdad.


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