Sunday, September 24, 2006

They Make Comments

Bruce Wilder at the Carpetbagger (09.23.06) (links in original):
"Kevin Drum points out that Howard Dean missed an opportunity to press the national security issues in the WSJ.

The Democrats should hire J.D. Henderson of Intel Dump to do their press releases on Bush and national security."

It's the war, stupid

JD reviews the track record of George and the boys, then asks a question (09.19.06):
"Can someone please explain why this administration is considered by ANYBODY to be stronger on national security than - not just the democratic opposition, not just the republican dissenters such as Sen. McCain, but better than anybody reading this right now? Better than anybody... period?

Is all of this what a successful national security program is supposed to be like?"

National Insecurity?

"Can anybody explain how this administration is effective, productive, and making America safer than other options we had, and have?"



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