Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What's That Saying?

Oh yeah. Talk is cheap. NYTimes (09.24.06):
"As the White House intensifies a campaign to paint its opponents as wobbly in the war on terrorism, Democrats say it is engaging in a rhetorical device that subtly distorts their positions to make them seem extreme or misguided, raising phantom positions and implying they belong to Democrats before knocking them down as dangerous. (S)o far this year [the White House ] has lived up to its reputation of being particularly adept at using carefully chosen language to cast its opponents as unflatteringly as possible — and to define their positions for voters before they can define them themselves." For White House, War of Words, at Least, Is Battle Where It Excels
Hey if our track record was as piss poor as this Administration's, we'd be bullshitting our brains out too. Don't kid yourselves. This crap is nothing new. These guys are all politics, all the time. Just show us the damned pony.


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