Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fashion Maven

Ragging on the press corps for what they're wearing. Ha, ha, ha. Real funny. LATimes (10.12.06):
"In June, he poked fun at CNN's David Gregory [ed. - David is a correspondent for MSNBC, and has been for over ten years now.] for his loud pocket scarf. 'Gregory, fine-looking scarf — not scarf, what do you call that thing?' said Bush. 'It's strong.'" What Not to Wear in Front of Bush
The war in Lebanon versus seersucker suits. "In August, while discussing the war in Lebanon, Bush took note of a suit worn by Ken Herman of Cox Newspapers, saying: 'By the way, seersucker is coming back.' Later in the news conference, Bush again referred to the suit, calling it 'that just ridiculous-looking outfit.'" "Asked about the president's commentary, White House Deputy Press Secretary Dana Perino called Bush 'a personable man,' saying that 'although he's president and that's a serious job, he does like to reach out to others in friendly ways.' Telling a guy he looks ridiculous is friendly? In a prickish sort of way, we suppose. "Herman said he considered the banter just part of Bush's social mannerisms. 'I've been covering him since 1993 in Texas,' Herman said. 'That's the way he likes to make connections. He still has some frat boy in him. He likes to tease people.'" Guess this was supposed to be funny too. NY Daily News (06.15.06):
"The classic moment in Dubya's media relations came when he admonished Los Angeles Times reporter Peter Wallsten for wearing sunglasses while addressing him. 'Are you going to ask that question with shades on?' the President joshed Wallsten. 'I'm interested in the shade look. Seriously. For the viewers, there's no sun.'" Fine shades of meaning not Dubya's strong suit
"But Wallsten wasn't trying to look cool. He's legally blind." That George! Quite the little dickhead, eh?


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