Saturday, October 14, 2006

God Versus The Minimum Wage

But what would Jesus do? ThinkProgress (10.14.06) (links in original):
"Stop 42, the group opposed to the initiative, is taking a 'biblical' approach in their campaign against a minimum wage increase. Their new ad depicts a 'Moses' character speaking to the voice of God in the Rocky Mountains. 'We need divine intervention,' Moses says. God responds: 'We can’t let the people make this mistake. Go. Spread the word. Vote no on 42!'" Colorado Group: God, Moses Oppose State Minimum Wage Increase
Lest thy sorry carcass be smitten mightily. Sounds as if the heathens are voting their pocketbooks. "Divine intervention may be the only thing that can help the Stop 42 campaign. In the latest Rocky Mountain News/CBS 4 poll, 74 percent of Colorado voters said they will 'definitely' or 'probably' support Amendment 42." God's gonna be pissed!


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