Thursday, October 19, 2006

Nuke This, Condi

NYTimes (10.19.06):
"The government of South Korea told Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice today that it had no intention of pulling out of an industrial zone and a tourist resort in North Korea, even though both put hard currency into the pocket of the Pyongyang regime. During a press conference with Ms. Rice, the South Korean foreign minister, Ban Ki-moon, said he explained 'the positive aspects' of the industrial park at Kaesong, and also described how the tourism zone around Mount Kumgang was 'a very symbolic project' for reconciliation between the two Koreas." South Korea Says It Will Continue Projects in North
"South Korea’s trade with the North reached $1.06 billion last year, more than double what it was in 2000." "Last week’s nuclear test raised calls within South Korea to re-examine the policy. But officials in Seoul have said the U.N. sanctions will not end broad economic and trade contacts with the North, a position still widely supported by South Korean public opinion." While you're at it, mind your own damned business. "On Wednesday, Song Min-soon, a security advisor for President Roh, said that the [tourist resort] project 'is not a policy to be changed following somebody’s order to do this or that.'" "'We are not deviating from the international community only because we differ with a certain country,' he told reporters." A certain country? "'I’m not going to name that country,' he added, though the context made it clear he was referring to the United States."


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