Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Reuters Snarks It Up

You mean there are more people working now because there are, uhhh, more people? Reuters (10.18.06):
"In the struggling factory heartland of America, the prospect of a hiring spree brings out proud executives, ecstatic employees and a lot of very relieved Republicans. The announcement this month by diesel engine maker Cummins Inc. that 600 to 800 jobs would be created at its once-decimated Columbus plant drew two U.S. congressmen and the state governor, Republicans all, to celebrate the success of drawing new jobs to their district." New jobs are cause for relief for U.S. Republicans
"'We still have challenges, but there are more people working today in America than ever before ... and it's good news,' said Rep. Mike Sodrel (R - IN9), who is trailing Democrat Baron Hill in polls for the November 7 election, when control of Congress is at stake." The author of the article then notes, rather pithily we would add, "(t)hat there are more Americans working now than ever before is not really much of an accomplishment -- there are more Americans, period, due to population growth...".


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