Sunday, October 22, 2006

Touching A Nerve

Sounds like old man is really rubbing Junior the wrong way. Reuters (10.22.06):
"President Bush gently admonished his father for saying he hates to think what life would be like for his son if the Democrats win control of Congress in the November 7 election. It was the latest sign of possible strain in the relationship between the two men." Bush chides father for election remarks
"'He shouldn't be speculating like this, because -- he should have called me ahead of time and I'd tell him they're not going to (win),' a smiling Bush told ABC 'This Week' in an interview broadcast on Sunday." Father and son. A complicated relationship indeed. The Independent (10.22.06):
"It is a tangled tale of love and rivalry, of admiration and intense competition. And it may have brought us the disaster of Iraq." From Baghdad to Washington: How the war came to the White House
"(W)ithout the complex feelings of Bush junior towards Bush senior, the mess might not have happened at all. Normally I am not one to seek an explanation of contemporary political riddles in the teachings of Sigmund Freud. But the Bush case is an exception."


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