Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Election Integrity?

Yeah, we've heard of it. Slate (05.18.07), via TPM:
"The death of [American Center for Voting Rights] says a lot about the Republican strategy of raising voter fraud as a crisis in American elections.

Presidential adviser Karl Rove and his allies, who have been ghostbusting illusory dead and fictional voters since the contested 2000 election, apparently mounted a two-pronged attack."

The incredible, disappearing American Center for Voting Rights

The first, "getting the DoJ and various U.S. attorneys in battleground states to vigorously prosecute cases of voter fraud", didn't work out as well as they'd planned.

The second "may have proven more successful. This involved using ACVR to give 'think tank' academic cachet to the unproven idea that voter fraud is a major problem in elections."

In the meantime, the ACVR has folded up, and one of its founders is keeping a very low profile these days.

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