Friday, June 08, 2007

A Field Trip

Ars Technica (06.07.07), via Lawyers, Guns and Money:
"There was also an explanation as to why, with only one progenitor family, it wasn't considered incest for Adam and Eve's children to marry each other. Apparently there was less sin back then, and therefore fewer mutations in their DNA.

Evidently sin, not two copies of the same recessive trait, gives rise to congenital birth defects."

Ars takes a field trip: the Creation Museum

These fucks are absolute morons.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, hey Mr. Knobboy, let's keep an open mind there. After all, the world is flat, ain't it?

6:12 AM  
Blogger knobboy said...

Yeah and Elvis is still alive.

Speaking of Elvis, name one song he himself wrote.

1:52 PM  

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