Friday, June 22, 2007

King Dick

Sorry. The Vice-President is just not in a position to comply. AP (06.22.07):
"Vice President Dick Cheney's office has refused to comply with an executive order governing the handling of classified information for the past four years and recently tried to abolish the office that sought to enforce those rules, according to documents released by a congressional committee Thursday."

Cheney disregards order on classified information

"Since 2003, the vice president's staff has not cooperated with an office at the National Archives and Records Administration charged with making sure the executive branch protects classified information. Cheney aides have not filed reports on their possession of classified data and at one point blocked an inspection of their office. After the archives office pressed the matter, the documents say, Cheney's staff this year proposed eliminating it."

"In 2004, the archives' Information Security Oversight Office, a 25-member agency responsible for securing classified information, decided to conduct an on-site inspection of Cheney's office to see how sensitive material was handled. The vice president's staff, according to a letter Waxman sent Cheney, blocked the inspection."

"After the Chicago Tribune reported last year that Cheney failed to report classification data, the Federation of American Scientists filed a complaint. J. William Leonard, director of the archives' oversight office, sent two letters to Cheney's chief of staff, David Addington, requesting compliance with the executive order but received no replies.

"Leonard then wrote Attorney General Alberto Gonzales in January asking him to render a legal ruling on whether the vice president is violating the order. Gonzales has not replied."

Ahhh, sweet royalty. They can be so truculent, no?

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