Saturday, June 16, 2007

No Me Gusta Jorge

LATimes (06.16.07):
"As a Cuban who fled Fidel Castro's communist rule for a new life in the U.S., Julio Izquierdo would seem a natural Republican voter — a sure bet to adopt the same political lineage that has long guided most of his countrymen who resettled in South Florida.

But moments after taking his oath this week to become a U.S. citizen and registering to vote, the grocery store employee said he felt no such allegiances."

New mood from new citizens

"'I don't know whether Bush is a Democrat or a Republican, but whatever he is, I'm voting the other way,' Izquierdo, 20, said Thursday as he waited for a taxi after a mass naturalization ceremony at the Miami Beach Convention Center."

Julio said he didn't care for George's war and "was miffed at politicians, most of them Republican, who seem to dislike immigrants."

Seem to?

"That sentiment, expressed by several of the 6,000 new citizens who took their oaths Thursday in group ceremonies that take place regularly in immigrant-heavy cities nationwide, underscored the troubled environment facing the GOP in the buildup to next year's presidential election."

"Surveys show that among Latino voters — a bloc Bush had hoped to woo into the Republican camp — negative views about the party are growing amid a bitter debate over immigration policy."

Now a few folks do not a voting bloc make. But if they are representative of the general Latino sentiment, the GOP is in for a heap o' hurting in 2008.

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