Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Oh That Bill!

What a card! Think Progress (06.05.07):
"Last night, [Bill O'Reilly] devoted an entire segment of his show to attacking the Times for not covering the arrests made in an alleged JFK airport terrorist plot on the front page.

'In Sunday’s Times, editor Bill Keller put the JFK story on — ready — page 37, right above a story about kids playing at Fuddrucker’s restaurant,' O’Reilly said.

O’Reilly Falsely Claims NYT Failed To Cover JFK Terror Plot On Front Page

"He claimed the Times 'isn’t real concerned about Muslim guys allegedly trying to set up another 9/11.'" Bill also showed his audience a picture of the Sunday paper. Well, half of it at least, from the fold on up.

Problem? The Times in fact had an article about the JFK plot on the front page of its Sunday edition. Below the fold, as it were.

ThinkProgress has a picture.

Bill was flat-out lying.

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