Tuesday, July 10, 2007

California, Here We Come

Get used to it, gringo. LATimes (07.10.07):
"Over the next half-century, California's population will explode by nearly 75%, and Riverside will surpass its bigger neighbors to become the second most populous county after Los Angeles, according to state Department of Finance projections released Monday.

California will near the 60-million mark in 2050, the study found, raising questions about how the state will look and function and where all the people and their cars will go."

60 million Californians by mid-century

"But whether sprawl or skyscrapers win the day, the Golden State will probably be a far different and more complex place than it is today, as people live longer and Latinos become the dominant ethnic group, eclipsing all others combined."

And that, friends, will work out to a helluva lot of seats in the House as well as electoral college votes. Considering how well the Republicans have done with immigration, Latinos nationwide will be voting overwhelmingly Democratic for say, the next hundred years or so.



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