Saturday, August 18, 2007

And You're Worried About Al-Qaeda?

Back to the sixties. AP (08.18.07):
"Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Friday reinstatement of the Soviet-era practice of having nuclear bombers routinely fly long-distance flights that bring them within striking distance of the United States and its allies.

'Today, just after midnight, 14 strategic missile aircraft, with support and fuel planes, took off from seven airfields across Russia,' Putin said in televised remarks. 'Combat duty began in which a total of 20 planes are taking part. From today, combat duty of this kind will be carried out on a regular basis.'

Russia resumes war games with nuclear bombers

"He expressed hope that the West would show 'understanding' for his decision."

Earlier this month, it sounds like a couple of 'em were heading towards Guam. Although the US denied any visual contact occurred, the Russkies insisted a good time was had by all. CNN (08.08.07):

"'It has always been the tradition of our long-range aviation to fly far into the ocean, to meet (U.S.) aircraft carriers and greet (U.S. pilots) visually,' [Major General Pavel] Androsov told a news conference.

'Yesterday we revived this tradition, and two of our young crews paid a visit to the area of the (U.S. Pacific Naval Activities) base of Guam,' he said."

Russia resumes nuke bomber sorties

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