Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bottoms Up

Rudy goes to the biennial conference of the National Federation of Republican Women. It sounds like the gals were modestly impressed. Between drinks, that is. LATimes (09.30.07):
"Mature women like me look at that [Fred Thompson being married to a younger woman] and think: 'That could be my husband, run off with some pretty young thing,' Mona Blocker Garcia, a delegate from Marfa, Texas, said Friday afternoon as she sipped a rum and cola with a friend in the convention hotel's lounge.


'I've been married 3 ½ times, so how can I judge him?' said Giuliani supporter Patricia Fitkin, of Rancho Mirage, as she waited with two friends for the bar to open at a Friday night reception.


'We want to be respected in other countries,' said LaPlante, finishing a glass of red wine at the reception."

Background aside, GOP women still really like Rudy Giuliani



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