Saturday, September 08, 2007

Fred Stumps Iowa

This man wants to be your president. NYDailyNews (09.08.07), via TheCarpetbagger:
"Freshly minted GOP White House hopeful Fred Thompson puzzled Iowans yesterday by insisting an Al Qaeda smoking ban was one reason freedom-loving Iraqis bolted to the U.S. side.

'They said, 'You gotta quit smoking,'' Thompson explained to a questioner asking about progress in Iraq during a town hall-style meeting."

Fred Thompson: Al Qaeda smoking ban pushed Iraqis to U.S.

"Thompson said the smoking ban and terror tactics Al Qaeda used to oppress women and intimidate local leaders pushed tribes in western Anbar Province to support U.S. troops."

Can you figure out what the fuck he was talking about? Neither can we. And neither could some of the folks attending. "'I don't know what that was about,' said Jim Moran, 72, who had driven from nearby McCook Lake, S.D."



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