Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hooked On Phonics

Jesus H. Christ. What a moron. ABCNews (09.25.07), via Huffington (link in original):
"Never before has the White House released a draft version of the President's speech to the annual United Nations General Assembly.

But this year, a glimpse of how the President sees his speeches was accidentally placed on the UN website along with the speechwriters' cell phone numbers.

Bush's UN Speech Full of Fone-eh-tick Pronunciations for World Leaders

"Pronunciations for President Bush's friend French President Sarkozy '[sar-KOzee]' appeared in draft #20 on the UN website. Other pronunciations included the Mugabe '[moo-GAHbee] regime' and pronunciations for countries 'Kyrgyzstan [KEYRgeez-stan]' and 'Mauritania [moor-EH-tain-ee-a].'"



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