Monday, September 03, 2007

How Telling

Just kinda happened or something. LATimes (09.03.07):
"One of the most heavily criticized actions in the aftermath of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in March 2003 was the decision, barely two months later, to disband the Iraqi army, alienating former soldiers and driving many straight into the ranks of anti-American militant groups.

But excerpts of a new biography of President Bush show him saying that he initially wanted to maintain the Iraqi army and, more surprising, that he cannot recall why his administration decided to disband it."

Bush can't recall why Iraqi army disbanded

Wasn't supposed to happen. "'The policy was to keep the army intact; didn't happen,' Bush told biographer Robert Draper in excerpts published in Sunday's New York Times.

"Draper pressed Bush to explain why, if he wanted to maintain the army, his chief administrator for Iraq, L. Paul Bremer III, issued an order in May 2003 disbanding the 400,000-strong army without pay."

Dunno why. "'Yeah, I can't remember; I'm sure I said, 'This is the policy, what happened?' ' Bush said, adding: 'Again, Hadley's got notes on all this stuff' -- a reference to national security advisor Stephen J. Hadley."

A nice encapsulation of what will become his legacy.

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