Sunday, September 30, 2007

Very Conservative And Very Rich

And they love Saint Ronnie, and they want war with Iran, and victory is our only option. NYTimes (09.30.07):
"Freedom’s Watch, a deep-pocketed conservative group led by two former senior White House officials, made an audacious debut in late August when it began a $15 million advertising campaign designed to maintain Congressional support for President Bush’s troop increase in Iraq.

Founded this summer by a dozen wealthy conservatives, the nonprofit group is set apart from most advocacy groups by the immense wealth of its core group of benefactors, its intention to far outspend its rivals and its ambition to pursue a wide-ranging agenda. Its next target: Iran policy."

Big Coffers and Rising Voice at Freedom's Watch, a New Conservative Group

"Next month, Freedom’s Watch will sponsor a private forum of 20 experts on radical Islam that is expected to make the case that Iran poses a direct threat to the security of the United States, according to several benefactors of the group."

Very rich, and very committed. "'Ideologically, we are inspired by much of Ronald Reagan’s thinking — peace through strength, protect and defend America, and prosperity through free enterprise', [former White House press secretary and one of the organizers Ari] Fleisher said."

Nothing like the smell of fascism in the morning, eh?



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