Wednesday, October 24, 2007


San Diego firefighters. LATimes (10.24.07), via FirstDraft:
"In the nearby hard-hit city of Poway, Don and Susan Buckley, both 49, sneaked into their exclusive Highlands Ranch neighborhood and trekked up a long hill past a locked gate to see whether their Mediterranean-style house had survived.

When she caught sight of its roof, Susan, a sales executive at an advertising firm, let out a deep sigh and exclaimed: 'It's there! Oh my God, we are so lucky.'"

Some homes left in ruins, others remain untouched

"Walking hesitantly through their smashed-in wooden door, they saw that the flames had come within 10 yards of the house and had decimated four large homes up the hill."

"On their kitchen counter were empty Gatorade bottles and energy-bar wrappers, and a note from the crew of San Diego Fire Engine 12, Lincoln Park."

"'House saved,' it read. 'Sorry about the door.'"



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