Friday, December 28, 2007

Good Luck

Yeah, this ought to go over just huge in the US. A more rugged and cool Hello Kitty for guys. AP (12.28.07):
"The cute cuddly white cat from Japan's Sanrio Co., usually seen on toys and jewelry for girls and young women, will soon don T-shirts, bags, watches and other products targeting young men, company spokesman Kazuo Tohmatsu said Friday."

Hello Kitty Products Target Young Males

Sanrio changed the "usual bubble-headed shape of Hello Kitty" to a "more rugged, cool look to appeal to men in their teens and early 20s."

They then "tried a 'limited edition' collaboration in men's clothing with designers in Tokyo's chic Harajuku section earlier this year" which "proved popular", prompting Sanrio to conclude that "'(t)hat generation feels no embarrassment about wearing Hello Kitty.'"

No embarrassment about anything, it would appear. Some are not amused.

According to the "official online community of Sanrio," the idea is that "Hello Kitty’s female fans will definitely have a good shopping day, getting their boyfriends and husbands to wear Hello Kitty!"

They're not kidding, either.



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