Sunday, December 30, 2007

What The Hell?

How can people be so naive? LATimes (12.30.07):
"When Jennifer and Bobby Post traded in their 2001 Chevy Suburban last year for a shiny new Ford F-350 turbo diesel with an extended cab, it seemed like a great deal. Even though they still owed $9,500 on their SUV after the trade-in value, they didn't have to put a penny down.

The dealership, near the Posts' home in Victorville, made it easy; it just added the old debt to the price of the new truck and gave the couple a seven-year, $44,276 loan.

New cars that are fully loaded — with debt

"The Posts were a little worried about taking on such a long obligation, but they couldn't pass up a monthly payment under $700. Now they're having regrets."

"'I didn't realize how much debt was in it,' said Jennifer Post, who has since moved with her family to Iowa. Now, she'd like to get rid of the truck but can't, because there's so much debt that she'd literally have to pay someone to take it off her hands."

"Cindy Gerhardt has rolled over so much debt on successive vehicle purchases -- five in three years -- that she now owes almost $43,000 on two trucks worth no more than $29,000 and, she says, perhaps as little as $22,000."

Cindy's car payments "exceed her monthly mortgage".

"'It's our own fault that we traded in vehicles so many times, but we never thought it would get to this,' said Gerhardt".

We hesitate to ask what she thought was going to happen.



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Like sub prime car loans. Cool!

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